Location  |  Silver Spring, MD

Completed  |  2011

Size  |  5,500 SF

This project represents the transformation of a stylistically dated house into a livelier and aesthetically coherent contemporary whole. Maintaining the simplicity of the original house form, a singular spacial intervention was applied with the objective of establishing a new dialogue between the interior and the lush surrounding landscape. This intervention was executed by implementing two additions to the home, one front and one rear, and reconstituting the void between them. The existing footprint of the home was replicated as a new volume, rotated 90 degrees, and intersected with the old.  This new volume was then skewed to preserve existing trees and respond to contextual vistas. Steel, glass and stucco render perceivable frames which mediate the interior/exterior relationship and demarcate habitable threshold spaces where environments are blurred.

Design Partner: Lavinia Fici Pasquina

Photography: Morgan Howarth Photography