Brittany Fernald

Brittany is a licensed interior architect who is practiced in high profile, national and international commercial interior design projects.  She thrives on the design process and interaction with a client during the development of a project and finds immense satisfaction in creating beautiful and innovative solutions to normally quantitative design problems, thereby strengthening the relationship between the design team and client.

Her particular interest lies in the exploration of design computation and fine art and the expression of their union in architectural form.  As a formally trained artist, she continues to evolve her drawing skills through a range of media, with focus on the classical figure.  Brittany is also a health and running enthusiast, participating in races ranging from 5k to full marathons.

Recipient of the American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) Henry Adams Medal, Brittany received several awards on her Master’s Thesis titled Architectural Interface: A Continuous Articulation Between the Built Environment and the Human Experience.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art / interior design from James Madison University and a Master of Architecture from The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning where her studies focused on parametric scripting, fabrication, and interactive architecture.