Location  |  Fairfax, VA

Completed  |  2019

Size  | 7,000 SF

Following Nahra’s Design Group’s design for the renowned chef’s flagship restaurant, Q by Peter Chang, Mama Chang serves as a counterpoint in look and feel. Paying homage to the talented female chefs of the family, this restaurant was intended to be bright, warm, and homey. The expansive space was first broken down into distinct zones for different dining experiences. The ceiling was left exposed and painted white, and intimate seating areas were created with wood slat ceiling features and draped, textured ropes. Playing on elements of the family’s native Hubei province, a long feature wall is constructed with traditional clay roof tiles, stacked in a decorative pattern. Materials throughout were selected for their naturally warm color and texture, and layered both literally and figuratively.

Photography: Jenn Verrier